mIRC Snippets


This snippets does neat things with your text. It allows you to seperate the text,reverse the text,upper and lower case each word and randomize text colors.


This will return the idle time of all users in current active channel.


This is a very simple snippets that lets you restart your mIRC, this is for all the lazy people that cant open mIRC.exe manually. I actually find this one very useful. =)

Ascii Window

This will return all characters with its ascii number, useful if you dont know the ascii number of a character.

Channel Stats

Display some statistics of current active channel.

Kick Counter

Counts the number of times you have kick someone off your channel with the last date of your kick. Nothing fancy just a simple snippet.

Yo Mama!

This will display a random yomama jokes from www.exonyte.dyndns.org. I was playing around with mIRC sockets and came up with this, this is just a quick thing I made and kinda stupid I guess...