mIRC Scripts

Display Manager - View Screenshot

Enhance the looks of your mIRC with this addon, features custom toolbar,switchbar,notify list and an aligned theme. This addon is very easy to use and user friendly.

Nlist - View Screenshot

This is a dialog style notify list with no multiserver support, I made this addon when I was trying to learn how to make a notify list way back, if you want to learn how to make one yourself I suggest downloading this.

precise Mp3 Player - View Screenshot

This is the mp3 player I used for my full script called precise!irc, this mp3 player has more feature compare to Rap2x Mp3 Player. Enjoy!

Rap2x Mp3 Player - View Screenshot

Simple mIRC mp3 player, one of the first addon I made for mIRC, pretty much self explanatory right after you've loaded it.