HTML & CSS Snippets

Background Music

Play background music to your website.

Bookmark Page

Let visitors bookmark your website using a link.

Content Box

Fits a content into a set of width and height using overflow property. Useful for shoutbox etc.

CSS Background Image

Use a background image with CSS.

CSS Link Style

Style your links using CSS.

CSS Mouseover Effect

Mouseover effect using CSS.

Custom Favorite Icon

Make your own favorite icon for your website.

Custom Scrollbar

Use a custom scrollbar for you web site. Please note that custom scrollbar only works in IE and is not a valid CSS property.

Different Border Style

Different border style you can use.

Different Cursor Style

Here's a list of different cursor style you can use.

Onload Message

Display a popup message when the site load.

Onunload Message

Display a popup message when the you close the website window.

Popup Window

A simple popup window you can use for rules, privacy etc... that you often see in other website.

Print Page

Print the content of a webpage using javascript, this will popup the print dialog box.

Random Body BG Color

This will display random body background color every 1 second, very annoying =)